Saturday, April 7, 2012

I'd rather be putting my kids to bed

Tonight my husband is at the mall.  I know because I track his phone.  Not all the time but only when I'm worried he's too near.  Turns out that if I'd been doing that for the last four years I would have significantly lowered my heart ache.  But for now it's a coping method.  For a half a second or so when I realized he was at the mall probably watching a movie I was jealous.  Or you know having sex in the parking lot with a prostitute.   I was also wondering how many naked women or sex scenes were in the movie.

Then I moved on to putting my kids to bed solo.  Something I've done every night for two weeks now.  Putting my kids to bed was extra sweet tonight.  Rowan is sick or starting to catch a bug so I felt his forehead, took his temp, and loved him a little extra.

Harvey is extra excited because his awesomely GREAT aunt Leah made Easter eggs out of rice krispie treats and put jelly beans inside them.  Highlight of his short life span (or atleast the year 2012)

 And Eowyn, well, she was just too much.  Her rash has finally healed.  She's literally been panicked about getting her diaper changed at every changing for two weeks now.  Do you have any idea how many diaper changes that is?  A LOT.  She panicked again tonight and to my complete surprise it was completely healed.  I said an extra praise to Jesus and she was happy to know it wouldn't hurt anymore as well.

Then we settled into our rocking/nursing routine after rescuing dollies that had been stuck behind the crib and she was so sweet.  She nursed and switched sides and as she was settling in she started telling me about her time at church tonight.  She had fun apparently.  They have a slide where she goes "weeee."  The eat fishies and drink water and there's a little girl named "Sara" (I'm not sure I believe this last one as we have a friend named Sara and she may have just mixed them up).  

But can I just tell you - She's CRAZY VERBAL.  This is not something I've ever experienced with a two year old before.  It was so precious.  After she told me about her evening (and I made the mental decision to enroll her in preschool for the fall) I placed her in her crib and she didn't cry.  For only the second time in TWO WEEKS.  She gave me some instructions on how to exit the room and when to close the door
 Yes, She is my child ;)

 She said "Thank you" and "Good Night."  And I thought to myself.  There's not a movie in the world I'd rather see than the one that just played out before me in the dark of my little girl's room.

Thank you Lord for preparing me perfectly for the time when I was to be done.  I know now how right you timed it.


  1. Cameras and kids are FULL of healing power...and boots don't hurt none either.

  2. Pink cowboy boots especially ;)

  3. This post made me cry. It was beautiful!

  4. I also just realized as I looked down, that this post made me lactate. HAHA DANG IT!


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