Tuesday, July 24, 2012


I'm blogging from the mountains. The kids and are camping for a few days with an ex boyfriend's family (he's married and has two kids). We're sharing a yurt. His wife invited me. Yurts are small the ironies here are endless. The kids are having a great time and Eowyn is a terrible sleeping partner especially in a single bed. Not used to that I usually get her in the morning and she's awesome at that time of day, apparently she's not so great to fall asleep with. It's also a really bad idea to take something to sleep and then to take a walk with your two year old strapped to your chest. We made it back and I fed her m&ms to keep her quiet until she fell asleep, more irony. My kids are not as amused camping as they/I thought were going to be. Eowyn thinks she can swim. I forgot swim diapers. Rowan has asked 100,000 questions just today and it's four minutes after noon. I'm not smart enough to figure out to add pictures from my phone do you'll have to find me on twitter @notjustsurvive

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