Monday, July 9, 2012


I recently got a new tattoo.  It was partially because I wanted to cover a butterfly I had on my right shoulder that I never really loved.  The butterfly was my only every "spur of the moment" tattoo and it just didn't fit my body well.  It was too small and lonely on my shoulder.  For years I've been thinking of either incorporating it into a scene or getting it removed.  Then the Great Reveal happened and the fact that I had gotten that tattoo with Jonathan right after our first reconciliation sealed its fate.  It had to go, laser it off or cover it up.  

The tattoo I now have in place of it is from a picture that I saw on Pinterest of all places months ago.  I saw this image and it spoke to me.  It told me that everything that is physical doesn't remain it will change our physical bodies will cease and we will become spiritual beings.  For me the image said see, there is more here than is to be seen.  Things will morph and change and the totality of our existence is not our body.  See how the tree becomes the birds, it's a metaphor for what we will do one day.  

Our earthly bodies, they are the trees, we keep them for a while.  They are beautiful and firmly rooted to the earth because that is where they stay.  But within that tree there are birds.  Birds (our spirit, heart, mind and soul) within it's branches and as the tree one day withers and dies the birds are released and fly away.  They are no longer required to remain in the tree.  They still are real, they still exist and now they are free to go home to the place where they will rest for eternity.  

I realize that this is a lot of metaphor for some of you.  But I do write, writers like metaphors.  But for me it's also art.  Faith and hope.  I am not eternally bound to this body and this world.  I can nurture those things within me, my spirit, heart, mind and one day I will be free from everything that binds and rusts and destroys.  

This is a really terrible picture but I wanted you to get the idea.

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