Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A Few Updates...

Hi Everyone out there in the blog world.  

Hope you are doing well today.  I am knee elbow deep in 'putting up' corn right now.  My brother and my dad are my partners for this adventure, they are great partners and this canning experience is significantly quieter than the ones I usually have which are full of girlfriends, sisters, lots of children and mostly a lot of estrogen.  However, men are possibly more efficient.  Shh, don't tell any of my friends that! (the girls are still more fun)  I've also learned that if you have a guy who cares about you over to your house often enough he may take it upon himself to fix something.  Whatever he chooses to fix may be something that annoys him more than it annoys you but HEY he's fixing something, props Michael.  Luv ya Bro.  

You may or may not have noticed that there has been a negative, unsupportive blog comment or two that have been published lately.  Whoever was posting those comments choose to do so anonymously.  I moderate comments that are published on my blog so despite the fact that they were less than positive comments I choose to allow them on the blog anyway.  I thought it was wiser to publish and respond than it was to just delete them.   But I have decided to disable anonymous comments.  The comments from said anonymous poster became more aggressive and critical and I felt like it was really bad for me emotionally to let this to continue.  You are still welcome to post whatever comments you would like however you will have to identify yourself in some way.  Google or other ID will be required from now on.  I'm bummed that I felt the need to do this but I do feel like it is fair to require people to identify themselves if they wish to attack my character, my heart and my writing.  

In other news:  

Rowan lost his second tooth and the tooth fairy remembered to do her job but almost forgot to hide the tooth so it wasn't readily visible in the morning.  I literally had to get out of bed and go back downstairs because I left it lying on the kitchen table.  

The boys will be going to public school in the fall, I'm hoping that they enjoy riding together both at the beginning and end of the day and having a similar schedule.  I'll probably drive them on one end of the day or the other depending my schedule.  

I have one quilt ready to do the actual quilting part.  And I'm trying to finish my second to that point and then go rent a long arm and try to the knock the quilting of both of them out at once.  Really intimidated by the binding process....

I'm enjoying taking my second writing class and feel myself getting better.  The work is rewarding and seeing progress is a blessing.

Eowyn's eyes are getting darker and darker all the time. They are definitely brown, dark like Jonathan's sister's.  She changes her clothes all the time and I'm super excited to get some one on one time with her once school starts for the boys.  

I've started knitting again.  It's against my rules (see I don't even listen to my own rules ;-) to knit in the summer because it's too hot.  But I forgot how rhythmic and mindless it is the perfect thing to unwind.  

Dress up has become the new favorite game in our house and thanks to some hand-me-downs we have more than just boy costumes, although right at this minute Eowyn is dressed up as Spider Man.

And there's a wedding I'm currently having a lot of fun helping to plan.  Y'all can guess who's.  No guessing if you know the answer.  It's a lot more fun to help plan if you're neither paying for it nor the bride.  There will be little people participation so I'm excited and nervous about that part.  

That's all for tonight, no deep spiritual conversations.  

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