Tuesday, August 28, 2012


I'm writing tonight to give y'all some clarity.  I'm going to give you a play by play on what this blog is really about and what it is not about.  Why it's here and since I'm it's creator what it's purpose is and what I will and won't use it for.  

This is not a 'mommy blog.'  A few of my recent posts have been a bit mommy blogish.  There is nothing wrong with mommy blogs I love them, read them almost daily and I enjoy them.  In fact I wrote some of those posts because frankly that's what people want.  But my blog is not a mommy blog.  My blog is about suffering, it's about joy, it's about life and death, and God and relationship and the presence of evil in our world.  It's about how all of those things have been present in my life and my process about them.  This is the place where I process through them.

This means a couple of things:

- this blog is heavy, if you come here for a lighthearted laugh; you've come to the wrong place.  Oh, we laugh here but often it is through tears. 

- this blog is about my life.  unfortunately my life sucks a lot right now.  I occasionally use coarse language, that's probably not going to stop any time soon.  I have actually practiced restraint in that so if you're already offended by my language, you might get more so.  If you don't like that my life sucks and I talk about it frankly, then don't come here.  That's not going to change.  My life doesn't suck nearly as bad as some people and I am aware of that.  I plan on speaking out against all types of suffering and evil in the world.

- I have strong opinions.  I express them.  Get over it.  It's my blog.

-  Jesus means the world to me, how I process my relationship with him and his involvement in my life is sacred ground for me.  Attack that and you will be thrown out.  

- I plan on sharing the happy stuff too.  We have a lot of good stuff in our life, we have awesome friends and family, a roof over our head, and the kids are loving school.  These are great things.  There will be many more great things and we will celebrate them here as well as in our home.

- If you're attempting to use my blog as legal leverage against me; you're an asshole - Jonathan and minions.  You are continuing to prove your profound lack of character.  (I just practiced restraint in not using a whole lot more four letter words ;-)  see told you we laugh here.

- I am NOT a photographer.  I share pictures because I like pictures, please don't grimace too much photographer friends.  AND I would love a photoshop elements lesson since it is loaded on this computer and I just don't know how to use it.  I'll make you a pie!  Or the best brownies I've ever made - dark chocolate brownies with vanilla icing.  Heaven in a brownie may I tell you!

- My views on spiritual matters I discuss are not always presented.  I often desire to have more of a discussion than a sermon (no mDiv over here) so if I don't flush out a position on something theological, it's because I want YOU TO THINK, not to tell you what I think or what you should think.  You are welcome to ask what I think any time.

- Comments are welcome, even if you disagree with something I've written.  Please just do so with respect.  This is my space, I moderate it and if I feel attacked I will not publish you comment.  Smash bloggers are also assholes (see above note about Jonathan) 

- If you copy and paste my words onto your blog you are violating my copyright.  Please don't do that.  You may however link if you'd like and you're NOT a smash blogger. 

- I love you, I appreciate you reading, I love to write and probably would do so even if you didn't read.  But I really love my readers.  I'd love to know who more of you are and I'm thankful for your presence in my life.  

How I'd like to be ending my day...


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