Thursday, August 16, 2012

Life in Pictures

Warning, photo heavy, word light post.  

I was really glad to see this at our local playground, but was wishing there was more equipment for children of all abilities. 

Victory - Rowan got through an eye appointment was that almost an hour and half and he doesn't need glasses!!!  Yes.  One less thing to break and lose around my house.  

I have walked past this every time I've walked into
my local ER (which is too often) and I lose my heart
and catch my breath every time anyway.  I can
never become desensitised to this. I tear just
posting it.  

More light-hearted news:
The laundry is winning, every day and occasionally I forget and
 it has overtaken my bed when I'm ready to sleep in it. 

 I love butterfly season, is there a season called butterfly season?  I just named it.  It's been for the last few weeks, not sure how long it will continue but I will enjoy.  Lots of Monarchs, although these are not Monarchs and the pretty black ones with blue iridescent dots on the edges of their wings.  

I love my new walking spot

Love love my new walking spot
and instagram and sunsets

Occasionally I try to look nice
Still rockin the bangs


Aunt Brookie and her balancing acts and
Skippy Jon Jones voice are coming
back for a visit soon!!!

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