Sunday, August 26, 2012

Solo Vaca

My attempt at a creative shot, Harvey through my knitting

Sandy legs

I forgot how much I love driving with the windows down and blaring music with long hair.
Learned that aviators don't work on me and that I smile like a doofus
It also annoys my children when I do this and really helps me to relax.  Someone must win, BOO YAH =  me!


If you're not in love, I'm questioning the capacity of your heart to love <3

This picture shows my inability to use photoshop however it's my daughter wearing her brother's spiderman pj's and flip flops :-)

The children and I were gifted with a few days at the beach at no cost to us.  Thank you friends, you know who you are!  After very little deliberation I jumped at the chance.  I slightly considered how difficult it would be to go to and from the beach every day with three small children that can't carry much but... pshaw, I can do it.

That may have been a little overzealous.  I thought that a foray into vacationing solo should be short and also somewhere I really want to go, which is the beach, always.  Any beach with an ocean, anytime.  I'll go if there's snow on the ground.  Are we clear on how much I love the beach?  Okay, good.  Wanted to make sure.  

I was pretty sleep deprived.  Eowyn realized she was going to win if she wanted to sleep with me every night, so she did.  Therefore I didn't sleep much.  And getting to and from the beach was at least as difficult as I imagined.  Really a lot more so.  Complete with stares, rude comments from strangers.  See the Target post where I talk about how someone once to me to shut my baby the f*&% up.  No offers to help from the horrified strangers.  (Also see the Target post about what people really do in public.)  I was encouraged that it'll be better next year.   Maybe.

But I spent about 4 hours at the beach every day.  The kids played very nicely while there.  I have a tan, hahahaha, yeah not really but I feel less self conscious in skirts and shorts because I'm not so white, right in time for the end of summer.  Ahhh such is life.  (who am I kidding?  I'm still really white)

So we're rested and relaxed and home and getting ready for school to start.  I'm thankful that I took them, thankful for the opportunity to take them.  Thankful that I hit the beach for four days straight this summer.  Important summer goal checked off the list.    

Now that we're back at home

I will be back with a post of depth soon, but a few updates for now:

Strollers loaded down with beach gear that have small wheels do not work on the beach.
My laptop crashed and is unresurrectible (it didn't believe in Jesus, poor laptop)  I have to pay $250 just to get my files off which include the kids baby pictures.  .....ugh   And I'm halfway through a writing class.  My class work was on that so I've wasted money on the class because I don't have my essays now. 

Just watched Beauty and the Beast.  I still know all the words, thank you very much.  And I still laugh at some of the parts.  
             Lumiere "You look, you look..."
             The Beast "Stupid"    (Harvey and I were rolling)  Of course this doesn't help the 'we don't say stupid in this house' rule because mommy couldn't stop laughing.  

I think I just washed a load of laundry without any detergent, would you rewash?

I'm starting an 80 day challenge with my supplements.  This starts next Thursday and will go till right before Thanksgiving.  I fully expect a detox headache from ridding my body of the crap that I eat for the first day or so and then frankly I expect to feel amazing.   That has been my experience in the past.  But I have never done 80 days, no more than 8.  So, this is times 10 as long my last ignite challenge, for all you mathematically challenged ones out there.  However, I'm giving up coffee, so you might not want to talk to me for a few days after I start.  You have been warned.  In case you're playing it safe I'd wait till Sunday and don't take me anywhere near a Panera or Starbucks or I might scream, grab the wheel and make you drive me there immediately.  ROFL  Not gonna happen.  I have more self control than that.  (did you just laugh at me? Hmmm you're in trouble)

Potty training is going better, but I was completely out of diapers so I had to buy more.  Darn.  I even attempted a roadside potty break with a toddler potty.  New thing for me.  First girl I'm training.  This is a little more challenging when the I have to stop now demands are made.  There's no hey there's a tree go pee on that happened.  Should be easier since I'm also a girl but it doesn't really feel that way. 

I need a real actual desk chair, I should walk up to the office and see if there's still one there, but I'm feeling a little lazy tonight.  And I don't want to carry it down by myself anyway so the knowledge won't do me much good anyway.   "I lift things up and put them down"  - name that commercial.

I have starting knitting a little, and with every row I fight with myself not to rip it out because it doesn't look quite right.  I ripped out a hat for E once 8X before I realized it was just supposed to look that way.  I have been knitting since I was pregnant with Rowan, he'll be seven soon. I should learn this lesson.

I may attempt to cut grass tomorrow.  For the first time, ever.  I'm a late bloomer.

The swiffer wet mop is the best $20 purchase I've ever made, ever.   Go buy one.  Today!

I think my kids are getting strep.  School starts Monday.  Harvey's eyes freak out when he gets strep.  Wait a minute, he had his tonsils out!  Can he still get strep, hmmm.  Gotta take them in to check them out.  

You might be a little too tired if you wake up in the morning with the lamp next to your bedside on when it's 60 watts and a foot from your face.  Yawn

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