Thursday, March 21, 2013

Reading is Fun Again...

Recently I've started reading for fun again.  I wish I could say I did this with great intention because I knew it's what I needed.  But I didn't.  Instead I began signing up to do book reviews for Revell Publishing and most of the books I happened to sign up for were fiction.   

I am still a recovering book snob.  One of those people with an ever so slightly haughty air informed those that asked that I only read non-fiction.  This wasn't meant to be a slam on anyone else.  I was purposely reading non-fiction for a reason, and a good one.  I wanted to better myself and I had a lot to work on.  But pride does go before a fall and eventually it became a source of pride.  It also meant I had excised fun reading completely from my life.  

It wasn't as if I still didn't devour books.  Trust me I did.  Non-fiction ones, by awesome authors.  Not as obscure as my pride would like them to be, but awesome nonetheless.   It wasn't as if I still didn't enjoy reading.  Because I really did. 

But reading changed for me.  It became a work of sorts.  It was good work but it was no longer something that soothed and relaxed me.  It wasn't the refuge it used to be and it lost some of that shine that it used to have around it.  

So what Revell doesn't know is that they gave me a gift when they asked if I would like to review a book or two for them.  The kindness of reminding me how much fun reading can be.  How relaxing and such a refuge for a pressured, busy soul.  

Regardless of my sins of abandoning fiction, I never really read Christian fiction to start with so this is a new foray for me.  I'm wading my way in still.  

I am reading a book by Mesu Andrews called Love in a Broken Vessel.  It's the story of Hosea and Gomer told from a dramatic perspective.  I say I'm reading still (eventhough I should have finished it before I published the review) because I can't bear to finish it.  To lose Gomer at this point would feel like grieving, and Hosea and Isaiah and Jonah.  They aren't just characters in the Bible to me anymore.  I can look and feel and touch them.  

It's a rare gift that I haven't experienced in fiction before.  To have this biblical story come alive to me in this way has helped me to feel like I'm walking around inside this biblical story of love.  And I love it.  Mesu Andrews, I will read you again.  And I will tell everyone I know to read you as well.