Thursday, March 7, 2013

A Perfect Picture?


I have confession, I don't read romantic fiction very often.  And almost never read Christian romantic fiction.  After I finish the once every three year Nicholas Sparks book I read I always end up feeling guilty.  Don't get me wrong, I love his writing.  I just feel like I could have spent my time reading something that expanded my mind more, instead of just made me pine for a romantic love that I don't really believe exists.  jaded jaded jaded, I know.  

So I really surprised myself when I signed up to review the book Picture Perfect.  Not only was it romantic fiction, but it was Christian Romantic Fiction.  Which to be fair just places it squarely in the do not read list.  (read here: Shannon is a book snob)

I was pleasantly surprised by this book.  I really did enjoy it.  Of course it helped that the book was set in Texas and about an Irish girl.  Two things that warmed my heart.  The love story was sweet, the writing well done and the main character beyond endearing.   Perfectly imperfect.

I still felt that God was a bit 'oversold' a common problem I have with Christian fiction.  But the author's character development was lively and fantastic.  I loved the interplay and the palpability of the relationships.  Very believable.  I definitely inserted myself into the story.  None of the characters were too perfect to be believable, except perhaps the main character's love.  But that's to be expected. 

No deep thoughts for you today just a simple book review about Tex-Irish love story.  If you need a little lighthearted reading look Janice Thompson up. 

I'm starting a new thing here in blog land, book reviews.  I'll be reviewing a book on occasion for Revell.  I met some of their awesome people at the Allume this fall and am anxious to see how this relationship could develop.  They provide the books, I provide the opinion.  That's the extent of our arrangement.   

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