Tuesday, April 16, 2013

How to (not) kill your marriage

Morning, stopping off here quickly with a link for you.  I'm link-loving today on Single Dad Laughing.  Dan Pearce is the author of his blog and he's a twice divorced father of one who has a killer sense of humor.... and a gorgeous girlfriend, DAMNIT!  

Like myself, Dan has struggled with whether or not he should give up on ever finding love and what he did that shot both of his marriages to hell.  I thought his reflections on that were insightful and funny (which is why we would well get along here in blogland, although I'm pretty sure he doesn't know I exist with my measly blog of 10,000 hits and his 100,000 hits an hour).  Yep I'm jealous.

If you are married, are considering marriage, don't ever want to get married, were married and badly burned, whatever perspective you have on love, you'll find this interesting.  I promise.  Comment and let me know what you think and tell Dan too.  

Read this one first 

Read this second

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