Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Everyone already knows that Miley's an idiot

I know the title is harsh, but her mistake was obvious and public.  Her public scrutiny and possible downfall will be played out in the media and she'll somehow pay for it.  Whether it be embarrassment, or financially or losing fame she will be called to task on her public display of lewdness.  And she should be.  It's sad that she felt like that behavior would be socially acceptable.  And as a warning to all of the young girls and women in my life I will not let you become another Miley Cyrus just like this mom won't let her daughter be one either.

But I'm wondering how many of us have any idea what Mr. Thicke was up there singing about on that stage?  I was curious and so I went and read his lyrics.  I also had the unfortunate experience of watching his video which I will need some healing before I recover from.

He's singing about women wanting it.  At one point in the video letter balloons cover a wall which reads "Robin Thicke has a big #$%@" Apparently if Miley is starving for attention and wanting to know she's beautiful and desirable.  We should all consider Mr. Thicke's ego as well.  He needs to hear this affirmation from a lot of people, so much that he's willing to make a music video to let people know they should tell him this.

Furthermore, if you read the lyrics to his song you will possibly find yourself educated in ways you will not enjoy.  Mr. Thicke apparently has a tendency toward a culture that would not find a woman's yes in the bedroom to be valued.  Now, of course, I don't know Mr. Thicke personally (for which I'm thanking God at the moment).  I'm only observing what he sings about and what I see in his music video.  But while I think Miley is an idiot.  I think that people who promote the idea of force are far more than idiots; they are dangerous.

Are we either still so entrenched in a male dominated society that we automatically excuse him simply because he's a man?  Or is it that we are so oblivious to the words and the constant stream of information barreling toward us on a daily basis that we're not even paying attention the words in the songs we are singing?  (Not that I'm singing that song, but plenty of other people are)

At one point in his video a nearly naked woman has a miniature stop sign on her butt, I will spare you the details of what happens following that.  Seriously people, we need to wake up!  Miley was misguided and stupid and lewd and foul, but if you watch her 'dance' in light of knowing where the song came from it becomes more logical.  She somehow got suckered into this idea that putting yourself out there in the way that she did it was attractive.  Part of the way she got suckered into that very well could have come from her singing partner up on stage.

Neither are acceptable behaviors.  Like the mom at the website I linked to, I won't allow my daughter to become a Miley.  But I also won't allow my sons to become Robin Thicke or men who affirm women for lewdly cheapening themselves for public display.  We're all responsible for the media we take in and the behavior we affirm.  Both men and women.

If we consume what is lewd and foul.  We will become what is lewd and foul.  So Eowyn, you will not be leaving the house in a vinyl bikini.  Rowan and Harvey, I'm sure you won't want to leave the house in a vinyl bikini, but you're going to have other lessons to learn.

What a yes is and that no is a word that stands alone and is always honored.
How to treat a woman with respect and honor and how to make her feel special and not cheap.
Your words matter and how you speak about and to people matter.
Loving another person is an honor and a gift and should be reverenced in that way.

My littles might not appreciate learning the lessons as they're taught but they will thank me later.

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