Sunday, September 22, 2013

Descending to Sit with David

I have been embarrassed at the level with which my thoughts have descended over the last few days. Embarrassed that I still don't have it 'together' completely. Frustrated that all the moving parts in my life lead to my innate awareness that life is not something I can control. And then I came to this Psalm sent by a friend and I realized David felt exactly how I feel. 

May those who seek my life be embarrassed and humiliated! May those who plan to harm me be turned back and ashamed! Let destruction take them by surprise! Let the net they hid catch them! Let them fall into destruction! 
They repay me evil for the good I have done; I am overwhelmed with sorrow. O Lord, how long are you going to just stand there and watch this? Rescue me from their destructive attacks; guard my life from the young lions! For they do not try to make peace with others, but plan ways to deceive those who are unsuspecting. Rouse yourself, wake up and vindicate me! My God and Lord, defend my just cause! May those who want to harm me be totally embarrassed and ashamed! May those who arrogantly taunt me be covered with shame and humiliation! Then I will tell others about your justice, and praise you all day long. (Psalms 35:4, 8, 12, 15-17, 20, 23, 26, 28 NET)

I don't have any insight tonight. Only a modicum of comfort in these words.  I have steadfastly refused to return evil for evil. Now at least I can pray that God will do something in the way that David did. 

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