Monday, September 9, 2013

Pumpkin Musings

I’m so not perfect.  I’m such a mess.  I don’t live up to what I believe.  I lose my temper and my voice gets shrill with the ones I love the most.  My house is a mess a lot and I can’t pay the bills that fill the mailbox.  I live on the edge of surviving and sometimes I live smack dab in the middle of life’s abundance.  I sit and soak up the sunshine of my children’s laughter or smell of clothing coming off the line.  I try to carry the sunshine in my internal, knowing and reminding myself that the sunshine is eternal.  A promise, rising each morning.  The dark night only lasts a few brief hours.  The sun will make it leave, the light can bully the darkness.  Light won’t let the darkness go beyond its boundaries.  But the night can be so black and there defeat is around every corner.  Lurking in the shadows. 

Yet the world turns, the sun rises, warm on my face. Whether sleep has inhabited my night or tossing turning worry, I still am granted a new day.  A cup of coffee and a chance to pray.  To lay the night down at the Son’s feet.  To ask for strength to enjoy today.  To live, to greet the sunshine as though it’s a blessing not a curse.  To find the slippers and a warm sweater, a cup of coffee, and a pumpkin recipe and to call this life, life, not good or bad.  It’s life and it’s meant to be lived not survived.  

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