Wednesday, September 4, 2013


The windows are open, I can feel a breeze and hear the clink of a wind chime I made.  The air has the first hint of fall.  After the weekend's stifling temperatures harken to July this evening is a needed reprieve.  The house needs to breathe, walking to school needs to require fewer water bottles and more sweatshirts.  Listen closely is that the sound of a marching band playing in the distance?  Football season is upon us. Time for the dreams of high school boys to be decided helmet to helmet.  

Where's the firewood? I yearn for the crackle of the sparks as they shoot up into a cool fall evening.  Children return to school.  Schedules are adhered too, yet the changing of the seasons returns life to us after the long suffering heat of summer.  Lunches are packed, suits are drycleaned; back to school we go.  Anticipation follows in our footsteps.  What will we learn? What challenges will we face? Who will we meet?  The scent of fall is change and that change is good.  

The rush of the morning routine is balanced by the gathering of the family around the dinner table and the cool of the evening.  In the madness embrace the stillness of the autumn.  I see a leaf falling through the air of twilight, it is time to rest.  

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