Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Sex Trafficking, Slavery, Jon

This blog post is NOT APPROPRIATE for children

We know a lot more now then we did when I was growing up.  It was not considered common knowledge that slavery still existed in our country in the 80s and 90s.  As a teen I wasn't championing against it.  I had no idea it was happening.  I championed for a lot of things back then but this wasn't one of them. I can assure you, if I had known, I would've fought against it.

But these days we know more.

When we discuss slaves lets talk bluntly, it saves everyone time.  These are women and girls kidnapped to perform sex acts, while chained to beds or unwillingly injected with drugs or beaten and raped until they can't or won't run.  This is modern day slavery.  The average age that a girl is abducted is age 12.  33% of sex slaves in our country are American citizens.

This is certainly the dark underbelly of our culture.  It is horrific and it needs to stop.  But I am here to tell you that it won't.  It won't until we stop the demand.  The people that put these women and girls into slavery, they're doing it for the money.  As long as there is a Jon, there will be a sex worker.  If we shut off their trucking routes and raid their facilities and get the girls to safety, they will just find new ways to do their trading of human flesh.  Because there is still a Jon.  There is still someone willing to pay for sex. And money is what they're after.  Demand = Supply, by any means necessary for these people.

I don't think that means we stop fighting the battle.  I don't think that means we stop trying to get those girls home.  Because we need to do that.  We must do that.  We need to help them heal.  We need to find them and save them and prosecute their captors.

But I also think the war against slavery in our country needs to shift its focus.  Stop solely trying to rescue the girls.  Still do that.  But do something else too.  Go after the Jons.  Find them.  Hunt them down if we must and prosecute them.  Make them see what they're doing as a crime and make them pay for that crime.   Make the Jons understand that they are a slave owner.  Jon has just paid for a portion of that girl's captivity.  You didn't really think the girls got the money, did you?  Jon has just helped a sex trafficker have to money to hunt down more girls, to abduct more girls. What if Jon that next girl is your daughter when she is 10 or 12?

I've met a Jon or two in my life.  Men who have paid for sex, frequently.  The Jons are of one mind.  They believe that the girls are there willingly.  They deceive themselves into believing that the girls are just hard on their luck and trying to earn some extra cash.  They comfort their depraved consciouses by saying it might be illegal, but at least she wanted to do it and I paid her.  But that's bullshit and we know it.  There is a percentage of the population that would willingly be a sex worker but it is so minute it is barely a blip.  Because how many of you know a woman who would want this job? I don't know of any and I have been desperate enough to feed my children to consider doing just about anything. But not that.  Because as researchers say "Prosititution is not labor, it is paid sexual exploitation.  It is often paid rape."  Which makes sense because those who purchase sex from prostitutes can also be rapists.  What we are doing by not prosecuting the Jons more fully is allowing them to practice rape for a price, until they go back home and find someone else to rape who they're not going to pay.

We are perpetuating a culture that allows women to be worth less.  We allow sex trade to happen in our country and therefore we allow rapists to practice.  "Slavery still exists, but now it applies only to women and its name is prostitution." Victor Hugo, Les Miserables

Purchasing sex is a crime, it's a crime because it is enslaving another person's body for your use.   No more than we allow organs to be bought and sold should we allow the trade of human life for pleasure.  But this a long war and one that needs to be fought by more than a few small shouting female voices.  We need our brothers to stand by us.  Because men, you have something we don't.  You have knowledge.  You are part of the segment of the population that unfortunately has to associate with the Jons.  And while we would never equate you with them, we know you know more about them then we ever could as women.  Maybe you hear the jokes in the breakroom, maybe you know a guy who has paid for sex, maybe you were offered prostitutes or you know where to find them eventhough you would never go there.  This knowledge gives you power I don't have, so I'm asking you to speak up.  Find your part in this fight.  I believe that you care.  You have loved ones that you would be devastated to lose to this tragic reality in our culture.  Because of your intense love for the women in your life, find your voice and use it to champion this cause.  We need you, we believe in you, men of character in our lives, we love you and we are so thankful for you.

End Modern Day Slavery #shockingtruth

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