Monday, June 2, 2014

34 Simply

Yesterday was my birthday,  I'm a whole 34 years old now.  I was really dreading this birthday this year.  Something about it had me anxiety filled and dreading it.  It's not that I'm so old although I'm not particularly fond of this number.  It's probably still some leftover grief for where I thought my life would be.  Coupled with the allergies that constantly are making me feel tired which in turn makes me think I'm depressed when I'm really not.  It would help me a super lot if I'd remember to take allergy medicine every day and if when I did it actually worked.  But alas I haven't found something that worked and I don't remember to take the non-effective crap I already have anyway.  Someone should Gibbs smack me. (If you get the reference you're all awesome) ;-)

This year my birthday was simple.  A thoughtful gift from around the world, books I will devour with every free moment I don't so much have, simple things I need and someone else doing the dishes and making breakfast.  My older sister made a banging cake and Watermelon Rum Punch.  What??? Count on Meredith she always brings it even for a 34 yr old's birthday celebration.  My mom and dad hosted lunch and we had the standard birthday menu: steak, salad and garlic bread.  If you add baked potatoes back into the menu we've had the same birthday menu since the 80s.  It's familiarity brings comfort.  The steaks are always fantastic.

Last year for my birthday I jumped out of an airplane.  The year before I met one of my favorite authors and got a tattoo.  Perhaps my dread of this birthday had more to do with the fact that I simply couldn't come up with anything over the top I wanted to do.  So instead I put on a pretty dress and relished the simplicity.

It's a number, but it's also a life and it's mine.  The one I was given to live and breathe and donate to the world in a way only I can.  What will this year bring me?  I can't know.  What I will bring the world with this year?  I have a lot more say over that.

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