Friday, March 13, 2015


In just a bit I'm getting on a plane to fly across the country. I'll be meeting 45+ people, many of whom I feel like I already know. One of whom is a cousin who I have longed to meet because we have such kindred spirits. If I ever grow up, I want to be like her. Tattoos and dreads and yoga guru and all. 

But I would be lying if I did not say this trip hasn't filled me with anxiety.  I never (rarely) fly. I rarely (to my dismay) travel.  When I do travel it's always with my little people in tow. So why would I get on a plane, spend my limited resources, leaving my children behind, to fly across the country to meet a bunch of "internet" friends and trek 11.4 miles through the freaking desert, obstacles, and tear gas? This is clearly illogical. 

Except no it's not... Because in part I'm doing this for my children as I do it for me. I am intentionally teaching them that spending time and money on something that will be restorative to your mind, body and soul is ok. It's not a sin. I'm teaching them that valuing people and life experiences is better than valuing things. I'm teaching them that whatever you think your body is capable of physically; it's capable of so much more. I'm teaching them that becoming a parent doesn't mean you stop being a person. And maybe they'll think it's cool to tell their friends at school on Monday that their Mommy ran through fire and tear gas this weekend. 

But even if they don't. Even if this is just for me, that is ok. Because somewhere along the way I got my 'adult' card and I get to make decisions for me.  I am beyond excited to have this adventure. 

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